1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

True wireless earphones may be the present and eventual fate of individual sound, yet there are still takers for the more conventional accessory style structure. Aside from the cost favorable position to this structure, there’s likewise the way that you can show signs of improvement equipment and determinations because of the bigger type of the headset itself. A genuine case of this is what we’re exploring today: the 1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth earphones.

1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

At present estimated at Rs. 8,599, the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth is the wireless rendition of the 1More Triple Driver in-ear earphones. While the genuine earphones are the equivalent, with a recognizable triple-driver arrangement, the more up to date headset highlights wireless network and a necklace to keep the headset secure. Can the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth satisfy the elevated requirements set by the wired form? Discover in our audit.

1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones design and specifications

As the wireless adaptation of the great 1More Triple Driver earphones, there are normally a ton of likenesses between the two models. The earbuds are indistinguishable, with a similar metal housings and shape, alongside the calculated ear tips that let them sit easily in your ears. As in the past, we very like the way the earbuds look, and they were agreeable too. A short elastic link runs from each earbud to the necklace, and a little clasp lets you keep them connected when not being used.

In the same way as other different earphones from 1More, the Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones accompany nine sets of ear tips; six of these are silicone, while three are froth. In spite of the fact that we commonly favor froth tips for their boss fit and commotion segregation, we saw the silicone tips as better for these earphones similar to more adaptable and offer a superior seal. The business bundle likewise contains a USB Type-C charging link and a convey pocket for the headset.

1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The jewelry is made of a blend of plastic and elastic, and holds the battery, hardware, and controls of the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones. The elastic piece of the accessory is amazingly adaptable and can be loosened up however you see fit. It can even securely be contorted into circles for simple stockpiling too.

The left neckline of the jewelry holds the controls, and the USB Type-C port for charging sits under a fold toward the end. You can control force, playback, and volume from the necklace. There’s additionally a marker light and the mouthpiece for the headset. It’s a straightforward, attempted and-tried plan that functions admirably enough even today.

Inside every earpiece is the natural triple-driver arrangement we saw on the wired form – one powerful driver to deal with the low-end, and two adjusted armature drivers for the mids and highs. The 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth headset is Hi-Res Audio ensured, with a recurrence reaction scope of 20-40,000Hz. Bluetooth 4.2 is utilized for network, with help for the SBC, AAC, and LDAC Bluetooth codecs. There’s no aptX support, yet the nearness of LDAC implies this isn’t generally an issue since Android gadgets broadly support the codec.

Battery life on the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones was conventional, best case scenario; we had the option to utilize the earphones for around six hours for each charge, with blended utilization that comprised of tuning in to music, accepting calls, and a touch of backup time. Charging the earphones took around three hours, which we thought was a piece too long thinking about how little the battery is. You can control volume, playback and force from the left neckline of the necklace.

1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones performance

We adored the 1More Triple Driver wired earphones, so we had enormous desires for the wireless form. The earphones didn’t baffle us, with a decent audiophile-accommodating sonic signature, point by point sound, and nearly a similar degree of value that the wired variation was able to do. We tried the earphones with an OnePlus 7T Pro (Review) and Apple MacBook Air as the source gadgets, utilizing Spotify, YouTube Music, and our assortment of high-goals sound tracks to play music.

Beginning with Summer Dem by Basement Jaxx, we were promptly dazzled with how point by point and adjusted the sound was. Like a lot of Basement Jaxx’s music, the track joins a great deal of noticeable components with fainter ones ringing in progressively far off sounding pieces of the soundstage, which the 1More earphones figured out how to duplicate wonderfully. Fragments of the track which had two vocalists singing together sounded great, with both unmistakably isolated, further indicating the degree of detail on offer with these earphones. The center advantage of utilizing a multi-driver arrangement is obviously discernible, and 1More benefits as much as possible from the specialized capacities of the drivers.

1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Moving to Hold Back Love by Kraak and Smaak, the early bass sounded tight and determined, yet avoided being as punchy and quick as we’d have gotten a kick out of the chance to hear in this lively house track. The sonic mark remained dependably adjusted, giving each component of the track its opportunity to sparkle. While this is obvious in its own specific manner, we despite everything wish that these earphones were adaptable enough to let various components of the track become the overwhelming focus.

The earpiece configuration is equivalent to that of the wired 1More Triple Driver earphones

Likewise with the wired form of the 1More Triple Driver earphones, tuning in to high-goals sound tracks on the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones would in general draw out more in the sound. In addition to the fact that we heard more detail, yet the sonic mark appeared to be more versatile and pleasing also. Near You by The Avalanches in FLAC group sounded excellent, drawing out the faintest of subtleties in this example based track and giving the bass only an insight more pound than with a spilled variant of a similar account.

The drivers themselves are all around tuned, and this can be heard in the snugness in the bass and the freshness of the mids and highs. Three drivers splitting the work likewise implied that even the busiest and most point by point tracks weren’t eased back somewhere around the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones. Tuning in to a high-goals rendition of Life On The Nickel by Foster The People demonstrated how even this beat-filled occupied track didn’t make the earphones waver.

1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

We found execution to be essentially better when utilizing our Android cell phone with the LDAC Bluetooth codec. Execution with the AAC codec was average too, yet the LDAC codec’s higher transfer speed made for a considerably more healthy and point by point sonic execution from the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones.

We utilized the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones for voice calls too, and execution was nice enough in both indoor and outside situations. There was some link commotion to be heard, however their short length implied that they didn’t regularly rub against our garments, making this an irrelevant issue. Charging is through a USB Type-C


Accessory style wireless earphones aren’t exactly as famous in the mid-range and premium value sections as they used to be. While we despite everything see a lot of these earphones in the spending section, purchasers who can manage the cost of true wireless or completely prepared over-ear earphones naturally will in general incline toward them. A little fragment of the crowd – especially audiophiles – may in any case observe the incentive in the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth in view of the sound quality it conveys alongside the accommodation of wireless availability.

The earphones look great, sound extraordinary, and are agreeable enough for ordinary use. Battery life is the main huge disadvantage; at under six hours for each charge, it probably won’t last you an entire day of sensible use. That aside, this is a decent pair of earphones for purchasers who need great sound in a hurry.

Value: Rs. 8,599

  • Adjusted, point by point sound
  • Heaps of ear tips in the crate
  • LDAC, AAC Bluetooth codec support
  • Adaptable accessory with simple to-utilize controls
  • Underneath normal battery life
Evaluations (out of 5)
  • Configuration/comfort: 4
  • Sound quality: 4
  • Battery life: 3
  • Incentive for cash: 4
  • In general: 4

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