For the whole Google ecosystem, Virtru has launched zero-trust key management.

  Virtru, a well-known name in data encryption and privacy, has released an external zero-trust key-management solution designed specifically for Google Cloud Platform administrators (GCPs). Virtru’s cloud-based software secures data as it travels over email and file-sharing platforms, such as SaaS solutions, cloud environments, and a variety of file ecosystems. It is intended to make a process that is generally arduous and time-consuming for security administrators easier. Next, Virtru allows administrators to handle encryption keys independently from data. This allows them to prevent data breaches, restrict unwanted access, and ensure that no third parties, including Google and Virtru, have access to the data without disrupting data stores. Users can also choose how their encryption keys are stored: on-premises, in a private cloud, fully hosted, or as optional HSM integrations. The benefits of keeping encryption keys distinct from data are numerous. Enterprises can safely manage their encryption keys independently of their data across Google Workspaces, GCPs, and other cloud apps with the help of an external key management solution. The technology protects data in data lakes, databases, and other different containers that traverse through Google’s cloud computing and AI capabilities. Virtru provides a unified global framework and policy language for all data travelling across the Google ecosystem, regardless of where the data source is generated. Users, devices, and systems all have the potential to produce it. According to John Ackerly, cofounder and CEO of Virtru, this solution addresses a pervasive problem of security in “leveraging big-data cloud computing.” Google’s portfolio has zero-trust security. Because of the solution’s zero-trust data standard, Google users can now optimise the GCP by extending data sovereignty from collaboration suites to cloud applications as needed. “Virtru is currently the only Google partner delivering data security to the full Google portfolio, including key management and supporting legislation like ITAR in the United States and Schrems II in the European Union,” Ackerly stated in a press release. Virtru has long been a Google partner for data protection and Google-recommended encryption key management, but the new solution now covers Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as well. To create these solutions, Virtru uses the open Trusted Data Format (TDF), a well-known encryption technology that is also employed by the US National Security Agency. Developers will like the solution’s interoperability with Google Cloud Platform’s Kubernetes Engine, Secret Engine, Compute Engine, BigQuery, Dataflow, Cloud SQL, and Pub/Sub services. Enterprise applications like as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Looker are also compatible with Virtru’s Data Protection Gateway, which works in conjunction with Google Cloud EKM. According to the company, their solution secures over 7,000 customers and improves collaboration capabilities for a network of over 260,000 domains. The quantity of emails and files protected by Virtru’s technology exceeds 2 million per day on a daily basis. Companies and institutions that use Virtru’s services include Next Insurance, DNA Worldwide, the state of Maryland, and Brown University, an Ivy League university.

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