Fujitsu Launches New Company to Further Expand Domestic Business in Japan

Fujitsu declared that it will dispatch another organization consolidating its divisions accountable for business with nearby government, clinical and instructive foundations in Japan with Fujitsu Marketing Ltd., which handles second-level private-segment organizations and little and medium estimated endeavors.

The move will empower Fujitsu to additionally extend its household business in the Japan administrations advertise, in which it holds the top share(1). The new organization will dispatch on July first as a business integrator conveying high worth included administrations based a powerful client base and Fujitsu’s driving edge advancements.

Fujitsu Launches New Company to Further Expand Domestic Business in Japan

This move will at last permit the Fujitsu Group to set up a considerably more grounded position in the Japanese market, and quickens the progression of ICT in nearby governments, clinical foundations, instructive establishments, and second-level, little and medium-sized endeavor clients in the private segment.

The new organization will assume a key job in quickening the making of new business while and endeavors to determine an assortment of social issues going up against neighborhood networks.


Japan faces a wide scope of social and basic issues, including a contracting birthrate and a maturing populace, the danger of cataclysmic events, and abberations in financial open door among urban and country zones.
So as to take care of these issues, Fujitsu has set up another, adaptable organization to advance its answers and administration contributions to nearby governments, clinical and instructive establishments, and second-level, medium-sized and independent ventures in the private segment.

The new organization will forcefully advance cloud-first frameworks that help Japan, including government cloud frameworks, so as to drastically extend the household business.

The organization will likewise stay focused on its current bundle administrations business, including its civil business arrangement “INTERCOMMUNITY 21 Series” and electronic clinical records arrangement “Expectation Series”, which have since quite a while ago held the top offer in their individual industries(2). Also, Fujitsu will grow SaaS contributions for its accomplices and create application improvement bolster programs.

Fujitsu will make new business openings and fathom an assortment of neighborhood social and the executives challenges, utilizing its profoundly talented business makers to consolidate cutting edge innovations, for example, AI, cloud, and nearby 5G with advanced administrations.

Additionally, the new organization will likewise effectively advance the DX (Digital Transformation) business, which is made conceivable by cross-sectoral information coordinated effort between the general population and private divisions, just as scholastics, prompting the acknowledgment of a ultra-keen society and achievement of Society 5.0.

Organization Overview

Beginning of Business: July 1, 2020 (Planned)
Number of workers: around 9,000
Business portrayal: Integrated administrations from advancement to activity, arrangement SI for nearby government, clinical and instructive foundations, second-level organizations in private part and little and medium endeavors. Furthermore, advancing DX business utilizing AI, cloud administrations, nearby 5G, and so forth.

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