Hiver offers support to essential service providers battling COVID 19

The current COVID-19 pandemic has frightened the world, with tragic stories coming out each day from different pieces of the world. There are innumerable clinical specialists, volunteers, and individuals of all callings working energetically and sacrificially on the forefront to battle the danger of COVID-19. With the mean to assist them with working together effectively and work proficiently, email coordinated effort answer for groups Hiver today revealed its free arrangement for associations offering basic types of assistance.

Hiver offers support to essential service providers battling COVID 19

Beginning today, Hiver is offering its most elevated level arrangement free for two months to any little association helping control the infection or offering fundamental administrations at this crucial time – be it inquire about organizations, staple administrations, bunches engaged with the production network of defensive rigging, among different organizations on the cutting edge.

Hiver empowers powerful group cooperation by helping colleagues offer and access data quicker over gathering email records, for example, or

“These are exceptional occasions that require extraordinary endeavors. Our plan is to offer help where we can and to have a constructive outcome in the network. Being a joint effort instrument, Hiver can bolster organizations or establishments on the forefront by helping them team up quicker and all the more productively over email. Our free arrangement is a little commitment in the battle against the savage pandemic,” said Niraj Ranjan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Hiver.

Hiver has focused on offering help through its drive the nation over. It is a worldwide organization with customers in upwards of 30 nations and comprehends mechanical prerequisites versus correspondence and joint effort in conditions such as these. Associations offering basic administrations or engaged with containing the spread of the infection can reach Hiver.

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