Knowlarity Demonstrates Its Commitment To Keeping The Public Safe And Informed About The Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Following the flare-up of COVID-19, Knowlarity Communications, one of Asia’s driving cloud-based communication organizations, has shown its pledge to battling the ailment by means of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. Compliant with the CSR activity, Knowlarity has set up a cost free number 1800 121 3739 to scatter data about COVID-19. To protect the open solid and, a group of volunteers from Knowlarity have created cloud-based innovation to battle the spread of Covid-19.

Knowlarity Demonstrates Its Commitment To Keeping The Public Safe And Informed About The Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Anybody can call the cost free number to find out about the Covid-19 infection, its side effects and accessible medicines. Much bogus data is being dispersed and absence of data prompts bits of gossip and creates fantasies. So also, on account of Novel Coronavirus, there is a ton of deception among individuals about how it is spread including how it tends to be forestalled and battled. Knowlarity has showed this drive keeping general wellbeing and enthusiasm on the most fundamental level.

Talking about the spread of Coronavirus, Mr. Yatish Mehrotra, CEO Knowlarity said “The spread of the Coronavirus is unquestionably a worldwide health related crisis. It is negatively affecting human lives and has disturbed the lives of numerous individuals. Covid-19’s financial cost will be impressive too.

We accept that much death toll will be forestalled when individuals approach the correct data. To battle the spread of wrong data, we have showed this drive to share precise data and bring issues to light about the COVID-19 ailment. With just the publics’ government assistance on a basic level, we have made a cost free number anybody can call to figure out how they can be sheltered from getting the Novel Coronavirus and when treatment ought to be looked for. We would like to serve and help the same number of individuals through this exertion”.

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