Spain seeks to tax Facebook, Google services as telecom companies

Spain will look to burden all organizations that work broadcast communications administrations, for example, calls and texting, as indicated by Telecommunications Secretary Roberto Sanchez.

Under another media communications law being proposed by the administration, “all administrators who give telecom administrations without giving telephone numbers, for example, Whatsapp” and Telegram would need to enroll as media communications administrators and would be burdened dependent on incomes, Sanchez said in a question and answer session in which he reported another draft for the law. Presently, just telephone administrators, who can give telephone numbers, need to join as media communications administrators, he said.

Under the proposed rules, which would require parliamentary endorsement, organizations, for example, Alphabet Inc., Facebook Inc., proprietor of the WhatsApp administration, and other network access suppliers would need to reveal their deals from informing administrations in the nation, he said.

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