Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Caught Posting on Social Media Using an iPhone

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun quickly posted something on Weibo using an iPhone. The Web rushed to get this little detail and blame the official for not using his own company’s phones and depending on Apple. Discussions on how the iPhone is as yet the best gadget in the market began to glide in the remarks. To diffuse the conversation, Jun erased the post soon after, however screen captures of it are presently flowing the Web. A few Android smartphone company administrators have been caught using an iPhone in the past too.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Caught Posting on Social Media Using an iPhone

Chinese site Toutiao spotted Jun posting about requesting that fans spend on purchasing books. While the post was mundane, best case scenario, the fascinating piece was in the fine print. Weibo for the most part puts the name of the phone from which the post has been created, and this time, disclaimer indicated an iPhone model for Jun’s most recent book post. This little foul up caused a reaction on social media with fans responding to this slight mistake. While many clients communicated mistrust that the CEO of Xiaomi was using an iPhone, some went to his safeguard and took a gander at it impartially.

Accomplice of Xiaomi Industry Investment Department, Pan Jiutang said that administrators of smartphone companies need to attempt phones from contending brands to strategise and envision likely arrangements. Some of the time innovations are duplicated and enhanced, he stated, and any proprietor of a cell phone company who asserts that they haven’t utilized phones from Apple or Samsung are being misleading. Regardless, Jun erased the post soon after to cut all discussions and diffuse the tension.

A few CEOs in the past have been caught using an iPhone. Huawei’s author and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, freely applauded the iPhone biological system and uncovered that he purchases iPhone models for his relatives when they are abroad. He likewise included that adoration for the Huawei brand isn’t tantamount to cherishing Huawei phones. Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth likewise confronted reaction after he was as of late spotted tweeting about Realme 3 and Realme 3i arrangement using an iPhone.

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